Interprovincial Urgent Liver Program Project Implementation

Stakeholders, Committees, and Working Groups

Medical Director

Canadian Blood Services has engaged with Dr. Susan Gilmour, Director Pediatric Liver Transplant at University of Alberta, to serve as Medical Director for the interprovincial liver sharing portfolio and is serving as chair of the Implementation Steering Committee and Policy Working Group (see below).

Dr. Gilmour has been a leader for more than a decade in pushing for new standards and the development of interprovincial liver sharing policies in her work as chair of the Liver Transplant Advisory Committee.


Our interprovincial urgent liver program stakeholders and subject matter experts consist of all provincial partners involved in the registration of eligible liver recipients at transplant centers, along with all provincial organ donation organizations in the country, including technology and process implementation experts.

Implementation Steering Committee

Serving as our primary implementation project leadership, chaired by Canadian Blood Services' Liver Medical Director, Susan Gilmour, the Implementation Steering Committee (ISC) consists of high-level representation from all provinces and regions with the authority and capacity to enact and direct.

Implementation Working Groups

Three working groups have been established focusing on main areas required to implement the IPUL Program: Policy, Process and Technology. Members of the working groups were appointed by their provincial ISC members to be experts in those areas and to ensure provinces are provided equal opportunity to give input, ask questions, give feedback, and collaborate in decision making when it comes to operationalizing the program.

Working groups will also provide recommendations to for ISC decision making.

Project Documentation and Artifacts

Implementation Steering Committee and Working Group members can access project documentation by visiting the below page:

Interprovincial Urgent Liver Project Resources

Interprovincial Organ Sharing of Livers Policies

Interprovincial Urgent Liver Program