Canadian Blood Services’ work in transplantation is focused on all aspects of interprovincial organ sharing and ensures that the right patient has access to the right organ wherever they live — across Canada.  This work includes:

  • Interprovincial organ sharing policy, including use of evidence and mathematical modeling to demonstrate impact of policies on patients and programs.
  • Development of leading practices and new evidence to support the best possible outcome for patients waiting and following transplantation.
  • Development and ongoing enhancements to the Canadian Transplant Registry, (the online system used to enact interprovincial organ sharing and monitor patient outcomes).
  • Ongoing enhancement and standardization of tissue typing used for matching donor organs to patients.

This work is accomplished through broad representation from all organ groups, administrators, and tissue typing laboratories across Canada.  These groups work collaboratively for the benefit of Canadians who are waiting for, or living with, an organ transplant.

Leading practices and clinical guidelines related to transplantation