Canadian Critical Care Forum (CCCF) – Deceased donation scientific symposium 2015

The following videos were recorded in partnership with Trillium Gift of Life Network at The Canadian Critical Care Forum on Monday, October 26, 2015. 

Dr. Darren Malinoski, “Hypothermia after neurologic determination of death to preserve organ function” 
Dr. Maureen O. Meade, “Mild therapeutic hypothermia for deceased kidney donors”

Dr. Jeff Blackmer, “Physician assisted dying: Perspectives from the CMA” 
Dr. James Downar, “Physician-assisted death, organ donation after cardiac death, and the ICU”



Dr. Stephen Beed, “Deceased donation performance data”
Dr. Karim Soliman, “Organ and tissue donation insights from Ontario”
Dr. Damon C. Scales, “Deceased donation – Why data?”

Dr. Adrian Robertson, “Consent leading practice”
Dr. Ian Ball, “Neurologic determination of death”
Dr. Michaël Chassé, “Ancillary testing in death”

Dr. Sonny Dhanani, “Increased physician involvement in organ donation saves lives:  Emerging ethical challenges”

Dr. Andrew Healey, “Donor management: A Canadian perspective”
Dr. Darren Malinoski, “Donor management:  US perspective”
Dr. Marcelo Cypel, “Ex vivo organ repair”
Dr. Vivel Rao, “Management of the potential cardiac donor”
Panel discussion: Dr. David Grant, Dr. Andrew Healey, Dr. Darren Malinoski, Dr. Marcelo Cypel and Dr. Vivek Rao

Dr. Sam D. Shemie, “Donation after circulatory death in Canada:  Then and now”
Dr. Jason Shahin, “Withdrawing life support in potential DCD”
Dr. Andrew Baker, “One death three mechanisms”
Pro/Con debate:  Dr. Brian Kavanagh/Dr. David Zygun, “Organ donation after cardiac death – A standard of care?”