Organ Donation Following Medical Assistance in Dying: A Canadian Environmental Scan

Organ Donation Following Medical Assistance in Dying: A Canadian Environmental Scan

The MAiD-Donor Environmental Scan in Canada is dedicated to exploring the policies and procedures surrounding organ donation following Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). This research initiative aims to comprehensively investigate the processes and guidelines governing organ donation in the context of MAiD, with a focus on ensuring ethical, legal, and procedural clarity in this complex and sensitive area.

This environmental scan is a multifaceted endeavor aimed at illuminating the intricate landscape of organ donation post-MAiD, addressing key questions and concerns surrounding this evolving aspect of healthcare practice in Canada. Through a systematic and rigorous approach, the study seeks to identify existing protocols, gaps in policy, and areas for improvement in order to facilitate informed decision-making and ensure the integrity of the donation process.

Organ donation following MAiD presents unique challenges and ethical considerations, necessitating a thorough examination of current practices and protocols. By engaging with stakeholders, healthcare professionals, and experts in the field, the Environmental Scan endeavors to foster dialogue, generate evidence-based insights, and ultimately contribute to the development of robust policies and procedures that uphold the principles of patient autonomy, dignity, and ethical practice.

Led by a collaborative team comprising researchers, ethicists, and healthcare professionals, the Environmental Scan represents a concerted effort to advance understanding and promote best practices in organ donation within the context of MAiD. Through its innovative and inclusive approach, the study aims to support the well-being of healthcare workers involved in organ donation, ensure the integrity of the donation process, and ultimately enhance the prospects for successful transplantation outcomes in Canada.


About the MAiD-Donor Environmental Scan

The MAiD-Donor Study is a comprehensive investigation into the policies and procedures surrounding organ donation following MAiD in Canada. This study takes a systematic approach to understanding and addressing key issues related to organ donation post-MAiD, with a particular focus on minimizing the impact of work-related challenges and enhancing resilience among healthcare professionals involved in the donation process.


MAiD Donor Environmental Scan

Core Research Team

Amina Silva - Principal Investigator

Vanessa Silva e Silva - Co-principal

Matthew Weiss - Co-investigator

Sonny Dhanani - Co-investigator

Kim Wiebe - Co-investigator

Fiona Slater - Project Manager

Afsana Lallani - Patient partner

Collaborators: varies according to the  sub-projects


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Funding disclaimer: This study has been funded by Canadian Blood Services.




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