Living Donation Coordinator and Administrator Network

Living Donor Coordinator and Manager Network

Fostering a community of practice among living donor coordinators and managers

The Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) program is managed by Canadian Blood Services with advice from the Living Donation Advisory Committee (LDAC) and the Kidney Transplant Advisory Committee (KTAC). Each committee has representation from each of the living donation or transplant (LDT) programs across Canada.  The committees identified a need to bring the living donation coordinators and managers together to building professional networks within these two groups and to work on reducing or eliminating barriers to the efficient operation of the KPD Program. The two groups first met in person in March 2020 for a Living Donation Networking meeting.

Purpose & Objectives 

The purpose of this network is to bring these roles in the KPD-LDT community together to develop strong working relationships that will foster collaboration and the sharing of best practices, ideas, challenges and solutions towards improving living donation and KPD practices across the country with the ultimate goal of improved donor and patient experiences.

Living Donor Coordinator Network Meeting

This report provides an overview of the Kidney Paired Donation Program: Living Donation Network Meeting that took place on March 6, 2020 in Toronto, ON. Organized by Canadian Blood Services, the meeting brought together more than 60 living donor and recipient coordinators, program managers and quality assurance professionals from across Canada. This meeting was designed to facilitate:

  1. development of professional networks among the coordinator, manager and quality assurance groups working in Living Donation Programs, and
  2. workshops focused on identifying and addressing barriers to efficient chain evaluation and completion times in the Kidney Paired Donation program, as well as challenges and successes in shipping and receiving shipped kidneys.


PDF copies of the following reports are available by request. Submit a request by sending an email to, please include the title and use the subject line: PDF Document Request.

  • Kidney Paired Donation Program: Living Donation Network Meeting March 6, 2020 | Toronto, ON (English)
  • Programme de don croisé de rein : Réunion du réseau de don vivant 6 mars 2020 | Toronto, ON (français)

Canadian Blood Services would like to thank all who attended participated enthusiastically, and who contributed ideas and expertise to the development of this document. This meeting was made possible by funding from Health Canada.


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