Leading practices and clinical guidelines

The OTDT program focuses on evolving the quality and safety of national organ donation services in Canada, which will result in continued improvement for access to lifesaving organs and transplants for all Canadians. Work in this area includes initiatives that provide the requisite knowledge, training and skills to healthcare professionals and shift the culture of organ donation to ensure that performance is measured, monitored and that additional system accountabilities to support progress in this area are in place. Published work and work underway on clinical guidelines and leading practices related to deceased and living organ donation, eye and tissue donation and transplantation can be found here. 

A National Consensus Forum for Improving Access to Cornea Donation and Transplantation in Canada

Liver listing and allocation forum

Donation after cardiocirculatory death (DCD)

Medical management to optimize donor organ potential

International guidelines for the determination of death

Bioburden Reduction and Control in Tissue Banking: Leading Practice Evidence Based Guidelines

End-of-life conversations with families of potential donors - Leading practices in offering the opportunity for donation

Kidney paired donation protocol for participating donors

Canadian guidelines for controlled pediatric donation after circulatory determination of death

Kidney allocation in Canada: A Canadian forum

Enhancing living donation - A Canadian Forum (2006)

Medical management to optimize donor organ potential

Allocation of organs for combined transplantation

Potential organ donor identification and system accountability

Brain blood flow in the neurological determination of death

Heart Donation and Transplantation After Circulatory Determination of Death

Living Donation Network Meeting Report - March 2020

Deceased organ and tissue donation after medical assistance in dying and other conscious and competent donors

Measuring Quality in Kidney Transplantation: Canadian Consensus Workshop

Advancing Living Donation Forum 2020

Severe brain injury to neurological determination of death (NDD)

Withdrawal of Life Sustaining Measures