Transfusion medicine

Canadian Blood Services supports best practices in transfusion medicine through the development of educational resources. Written by subject-matter experts from across Canada, our transfusion medicine resources support clinical practice and help health-care professionals stay current in an ever-changing field.

If you are a health-care professional working in transfusion medicine and have a comment or suggestions for new resources, please get in touch.

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Aditi Khandelwal

Canadian Blood Services manufactures whole blood, leukocytes reduced (LrWB) for use by the Canadian Armed Forces as of November 2022. Read our FAQ to find out more about LrWB.
Canadian Blood Services will begin isohemagglutinin titre testing on all whole blood and apheresis donors in November 2022. Read our FAQ to find out more about the test.
The 2021 Surveillance Report describes surveillance of transmissible blood-borne infections and emerging threats of concern. Surveillance of aspects of donor health and safety as well as diagnostic services are also covered.
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We’re excited to share our redesigned Professional Education website. Although the look is new, the content remains the same. We hope the new design will make it easier to find and use the content you’re looking for—but if you notice anything that could be improved, please send us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you.