A survey of Canadian MLTs’ views on continuing education in transfusion science

Online publication date: May 2010

This survey reports on the opinions, experiences and expectations of Canadian medical laboratory technologists (MLT) about various aspects of continuing education in Transfusion Science.

The survey used an online, self-administered questionnaire and cross-sectional design. All Canadian MLTs involved in Transfusion Science were eligible to participate. The survey was designed by the Canadian Blood Services in consultation with the Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM), Héma-Québec and provincial blood coordinating offices across Canada. Requests to participate were sent to MLTs across Canada by these organizations and by the provincial medical laboratory societies to their membership, and by an open invitation on the Blood Tech Net website. Data were collected between June 2 and 23, 2009. A total of 669 Canadian MLTs volunteered to complete the questionnaire.

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