Note: A photo of cryoprecipitate with icterus is not available. If you see a component with an unusual or atypical appearance, please take a photo (higher resolution is preferred) and share it with us so it may be considered for inclusion in the Visual Inspection Tool. Photos will be credited and only used with permission. 

Icterus, also known as jaundice, describes the yellow discolouration of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes due to high bilirubin content in blood. The presence of icterus in a blood component does not render it unacceptable for transfusion. 

Causes of icterus in a cryoprecipitate unit are donor-related and may be related to: 

  • Hemolytic anemia 
  • Non-infectious hepatitis (e.g., alcohol liver disease) 
  • Inherited liver disorders (e.g., Gilbert’s syndrome) 
  • Gallstones 

Visual appearance 

  • Bright yellow to brown