ODTC Project Snapshot: Implementation of a Pan-Canadian Data Management and Performance Reporting System

Implementation of a Pan-Canadian Data Management and Performance Reporting System

What is this project about?

Project background

Despite significant improvements, compared to peer nations, Canada under-performs on a number of measures related to organ donation and transplantation (for example, rates of living and deceased donation). For better understanding of system challenges, to support evidence-informed decision-making, and drive improvements in access, efficiency, quality and outcomes across the continuum of care, a pan-Canadian data and performance reporting system has been identified as a high-priority initiative by the organ donation and transplantation community.


In collaboration with provincial, territorial and national agencies, this project aims to modernize pan-Canadian data management and performance reporting systems for organ donation and transplantation to improve consistency and quality of data from across the country, and expand the use of data for decision-making.

Overview of activities

  • Implement donation and transplantation data management systems to capture and manage data across the continuum of care.
  • Create a pan-Canadian organ donation and transplantation data repository to host comparable data at the national, regional, and organ donation organization levels.
  • Enable pan-Canadian reporting and access to data, and use of data for decision-making for system improvement.

How will the project improve the organ donation and transplantation system in Canada?

The project will contribute to:

  • Ensuring the deployment and integration of data management systems that will enable improvements in the supply of solid organs, and monitoring of transplant patients. Donor management systems will handle increased donor volume, minimize missed donation opportunities, reduce redundancy in data entry, and implement and improve data standardization.
  • Supporting availability of local, provincial and national data to drive evidence-based decision making to improve patient access to transplant services and outcomes across Canada.

The project leads

Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) and the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) are the leads for this project.

Mark Nenadovic, Senior Director, Infoway

Greg Webster, Director, Acute and Ambulatory Care Information Services, CIHI

“With this project Health Canada has provided organ donation and transplantation communities with tremendous and transformative opportunities that will reap benefits for generations of Canadians.”




The Organ Donation and Transplantation Collaborative is an initiative led by Health Canada with provinces and territories (except Québec), Canadian Blood Services, patients, families, clinicians and researchers. Funded by Health Canada, the project Implementation of a Pan-Canadian Data Management and Performance Reporting System contributes to the Collaborative’s vision to achieve organ donation and transplantation system improvements that result in better patient outcomes and an increase in the number and quality of successful transplantations. For more information, please consult the Organ Donation and Transplantation Collaborative (the Collaborative) website: https://tinyurl.com/ODTCollaborative.