About the Canadian Transplant Registry (CTR)

The Canadian Transplant Registry (CTR) is an example of an innovative technology that generates value in terms of quality, safety and efficiency through its capabilities for supporting all donors, candidate listing, offer management, allocation and pre- and post-transplant data.  

The CTR is a national web-based computer program, used for linking the national potential recipient waitlist with actual organ donors. 

It features:

  • Capabilities for allocating living and deceased donor organs and for generating the important data needed to improve transplant system performance
  • Access to transplants for highly sensitized patients
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of national organ sharing programs for living donors and for patients who are critically ill
  • State of the art, high quality human leukocyte antigen typing and antibody analysis, that is the most comprehensive of any matching system in the world – leading to more successful transplantation and less rejection
  • Real-time information sharing and file uploads to facilitate the decision making process and create efficiency by eliminating faxes and phone calls
  • Can be used on any device – computer, tablet, even mobile phone 
  • With more than 400 users from coast to coast, the CTR currently supports Canada's national interprovincial organ sharing programs – Kidney Paired Donation, Highly Sensitized Patients and National Organ Waitlist 
  • Work is underway to expand this technology to serve event more patients in need of transplant. 


Click here to view or download the CTR Customer Support Business Continuity Quick Reference Guide.