Peer-reviewed publications (2018-Current)

Links to recent peer-reviewed publications related to initiatives and programs are listed below:

Peer-reviewed publications (2018-Current)

  1. Preventable harm in the Canadian organ donation and transplantation system: a descriptive study of missed organ donor identification and referral Zavalkoff S, O'Donnell S, Lalani J, Karam IF, James L, Shemie SD. Can J Anaesth. 2023 Mar 29. doi: 10.1007/s12630-023-02399-1. PMID: 36991298

  2. Disparities in Deceased Donor Kidney Offer Acceptance: A Survey of Canadian Transplant Nephrologists, General Surgeons and Urologists. A. J. Vinson, H. Cardinal, C. Parsons, K. K. Tennankore, R. Mainra, K. Maru, D. Treleaven, J. Gill. 2023 Feb 23. doi: 10.1177/20543581231156855

  3. In reply: Withholding therapeutic interventions in brain(stem) death: is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Cunan ET, Dudley RWR, Shemie SD. Can J Anaesth. 2022 Sep 12. doi: 10.1007/s12630-022-02326-w. PMID: 36097131 

  4. Paediatric death after withdrawal of life-sustaining therapies: a scoping review protocol. Francoeur C, Hornby L, Silva A, Scales NB, Weiss M, Dhanani S. BMJ Open. 2022 Sep 19;12(9):e064918. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-064918.PMID: 36123110 

  5. The Experiences and Perceptions of Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinators Participating in a Team Cohesion and Communication Workshop: An Exploratory Descriptive Qualitative Study. Vanessa Silva e Silva, PhD, RN, Laura Hornby, MSc, Ken Lotherington, BSc., Andrea Rochon, MN, RN, Amina Regina Silva, MN, RN, Hilary Pearson, PhD, MA, Linda MacNutt, MSW, RSW Adrian Robertson, MD Kim Werestiuk, BN, RN, David Kuhl, PhD, MHSc, MD, Peggy John, Sonny Dhanani, BSc (Pharm), MD, FRCPC, and Aimee Sarti, MD. Published in CJCCN.

  6. The experiences of family members of deceased organ donors and suggestions to improve the donation process: a qualitative study Aimee J. Sarti, Stephanie Sutherland, Maureen Meade, Sam Shemie, Angele Landriault, Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, Sabira Valiani, Sean Keenan, Matthew J. Weiss, Kim Werestiuk, Andreas H. Kramer, Joann Kawchuk, Stephen Beed, Sonny Dhanani, Giuseppe Pagliarello, Michaël Chassé, Ken Lotherington, Mary Gatien, Kim Parsons, Jennifer A. Chandler, Peter Nickerson and Pierre Cardinal; for the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group CMAJ August 08, 2022 194 (30) E1054-E1061; DOI:

  7. Quality improvement tools to manage deceased organ donation processes: A scoping review protocol.Silva A, Arora S, Dhanani S, Hornby L, Luctkar-Flude M, Ross-White A, Lotherington K, Rochon A, Wilson L, Latifi M, Giorno L, Silva E Silva V.Nurse Educ Pract. 2022 May;61:103322. doi: 10.1016/j.nepr.2022.103322. Epub 2022 Mar 5.PMID: 35306317

  8. Clinical evaluation and ancillary testing for the diagnosis of death by neurologic criteria: a cross-sectional survey of Canadian intensivists. Chassé M, Neves Briard J, Yu M, P Carvalho L, W English S, D'Aragon F, Lauzier F, F Turgeon A, Dhanani S, McIntyre L, D Shemie S, Knoll G, Fergusson DA, Anthony SJ, Weiss MJ; Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.Can J Anaesth. 2022 Mar;69(3):353-363. doi: 10.1007/s12630-021-02166-0. Epub 2021 Dec 20.PMID: 34931292 
  9. Burnout and compassion fatigue among organ donation coordinators: A Canadian perspective", published in the Spring 2022 issue of the Canadian Journal of Critical Care Nurses
  10. Predicting time to death after withdrawal of life-sustaining measures using vital sign variability: Derivation and validation. Critical Care Explorations4(4). Scales, N. B., Herry, C. L., van Beinum, A., Hogue, M. L., Hornby, L., Shahin, J., Dhanani, S., & Seely, A. J. (2022).
  11. Public understandings of the definition and determination of death: A scoping review. Transplantation Direct8(5). Zheng, K., Sutherland, S., Hornby, L., Shemie, S. D., Wilson, L., & Sarti, A. J. (2022).
  12. Healthcare professionals’ understandings of the definition and determination of death: A scoping review. Transplantation Direct8(4). Zheng, K., Sutherland, S., Hornby, L., Wilson, L., Shemie, S. D., & Sarti, A. J. (2022).
  13. Clinical evaluation and ancillary testing for the diagnosis of death by neurologic criteria: a cross-sectional survey of Canadian intensivists.
    Chassé M, Neves Briard J, Yu M, P Carvalho L, W English S, D'Aragon F, Lauzier F, F Turgeon A, Dhanani S, McIntyre L, D Shemie S, Knoll G, Fergusson DA, Anthony SJ, Weiss MJ; Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.Can J Anaesth. 2021 Dec 20. doi: 10.1007/s12630-021-02166-0. Online ahead of print.PMID: 34931292
  14. Organ donation after medical assistance in dying: a scoping review protocol. Silva E Silva V, Ross-White A, Hornby L, Lotherington K, Silva A, Rochon A, Sarti A, Dhanani S.JBI Evid Synth. 2022 Apr 1;20(4):1127-1134. doi: 10.11124/JBIES-21-00194.PMID: 34812191
  15. Burnout, compassion fatigue and work-related stressors among organ donation and transplantation coordinators: A qualitative study.
    Silva E Silva V, Hornby L, Lotherington K, Rochon A, Regina Silva A, Pearson H, MacNutt L, Robertson A, Werestiuk K, Kuhl D, John P, Dhanani S, Sarti A.Intensive Crit Care Nurs. 2022 Feb;68:103125. doi: 10.1016/j.iccn.2021.103125. Epub 2021 Aug 26.PMID: 34454831
  16. Canadian demand and access to corneal transplantation: a provincial comparison. Cell Tissue Bank (2021).
  17. Clinical Practice Guideline for Solid Organ Donation and Transplantation During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Weiss MJ, Hornby L, Foroutan F, Belga S, Bernier S, Bhat M, Buchan CA, Gagnon M, Hardman G, Ibrahim M, Luo C, Luong ML, Mainra R, Manara AR, Sapir-Pichhadze R, Shalhoub S, Shaver T, Singh JM, Srinathan S, Thomas I, Wilson LC, Wilson TM, Wright A, Mah A.Transplant Direct. 2021 Sep 7;7(10):e755. doi: 10.1097/TXD.0000000000001199. eCollection 2021 Oct.PMID: 34514110
  18. Summary of International Recommendations for Donation and Transplantation Programs During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic.Weiss MJ, Lalani J, Patriquin-Stoner C, Dieudé M, Hartell D, Hornby L, Shemie SD, Wilson L, Mah A.Transplantation. 2021 Jan 1;105(1):14-17. doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003520.PMID: 33141806
  19. Evidence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Cells, Tissues, and Organs and the Risk of Transmission Through Transplantation.Gaussen A, Hornby L, Rockl G, O'Brien S, Delage G, Sapir-Pichhadze R, Drews SJ, Weiss MJ, Lewin A.Transplantation. 2021 Jul 1;105(7):1405-1422. doi: 10.1097/TP.0000000000003744.PMID: 33724248
  20. Heart donation and transplantation after circulatory determination of death: expert guidance from a Canadian consensus building process.Shemie SD, Torrance S, Wilson L, Hornby L, MacLean J, Mohr J, Gillrie C, Badiwala MV, Baker A, Freed DH, Simpson C, Teitelbaum J, Brodrecht D, Healey A.Can J Anaesth. 2021 May;68(5):661-671. doi: 10.1007/s12630-021-01926-2. Epub 2021 Feb 5.PMID: 33543427
  21. Current use, capacity and perceived barriers to the use of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Canada (November 2020) 
  22. Management of the neurologically deceased organ donor: A Canadian clinical practice guideline. Ball IM, Hornby L, Rochwerg B, Weiss MJ, Gillrie C, Chassé M, D'Aragon F, Meade MO, Soliman K, Ali A, Arora S, Basmaji J, Boyd JG, Cantin B, Chaudhury P, Cypel M, Freed D, Frenette AJ, Hruska P, Karvellas CJ, Keenan S, Kramer A, Kutsogiannis DJ, Lien D, Luke P, Mahoney M, Singh JM, Wilson LC, Wright A, Zaltzman J, Shemie SD.CMAJ. 2020 Apr 6;192(14):E361-E369. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.190631.
  23. Resumption of Cardiac Activity after Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Measures, New England Journal of Medicine (January 2021)
  24. The COVID-19 pandemic and organ donation and transplantation: ethical issues Ban Ibrahim, Rosanne Dawson, Jennifer A. Chandler, Aviva Goldberg, David Hartell, Laura Hornby, Christy Simpson, Matthew-John Weiss, Lindsay C. Wilson, T. Murray Wilson & Marie-Chantal Fortin  BMC Medical Ethics volume 22, Article number: 142 (2021)
  25. Family experiences with non-therapeutic research on dying patients in the intensive care unit. van Beinum A, Murphy N, Weijer C, Gruben V, Sarti A, Hornby L, Dhanani S, Chandler J.J Med Ethics. 2021 Jul 14:medethics-2021-107311. doi: 10.1136/medethics-2021-107311. Online ahead of print.PMID: 34261806
  26. Expanding controlled donation after the circulatory determination of death: statement from an international collaborative.Domínguez-Gil B, Ascher N, Capron AM, Gardiner D, Manara AR, Bernat JL, Miñambres E, Singh JM, Porte RJ, Markmann JF, Dhital K, Ledoux D, Fondevila C, Hosgood S, Van Raemdonck D, Keshavjee S, Dubois J, McGee A, Henderson GV, Glazier AK, Tullius SG, Shemie SD, Delmonico FL.Intensive Care Med. 2021 Mar;47(3):265-281. doi: 10.1007/s00134-020-06341-7. Epub 2021 Feb 26.PMID: 33635355
  27. A National Consensus Forum on Improving Cornea Donation and Transplantation Access in Canada - BMC Proceedings (May 2020)
  28. Improving quality of withdrawal of life-sustaining measures in organ donation: a framework and implementation toolkit.Healey A, Hartwick M, Downar J, Keenan S, Lalani J, Mohr J, Appleby A, Spring J, Delaney JW, Wilson LC, Shemie S; for Canadian Blood Services, the Canadian Critical Care Society, the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, and the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians.Can J Anaesth. 2020 Nov;67(11):1549-1556. doi: 10.1007/s12630-020-01774-6. Epub 2020 Sep 11.PMID: 32918249 
  29. Flow is not perfusion, and perfusion is not function: ancillary testing for the diagnosis of brain death Guillaume Plourde MD, PhD, FRCPC, Joel Neves Briard MD, Sam D. Shemie MD, Jai Jai Shiva Shankar MD, DM, MSc, FRCPC & Michaël Chassé MD, PhD, FRCPC  Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie volume 68, pages953–961 (2021)

  30. The impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Kidney Paired Donation program: an opportunity for universal implementation of kidney shipping. McGregor TB, Sener A, Yetzer K, Gillrie C, Paraskevas S.Can J Surg. 2020 Sep-Oct;63(5):E451-E453. doi: 10.1503/cjs.012620.PMID: 33026312 

  31. Maintaining the permanence principle for death during in situ normothermic regional perfusion for donation after circulatory death organ recovery: A United Kingdom and Canadian proposal. Manara A, Shemie SD, Large S, Healey A, Baker A, Badiwala M, Berman M, Butler AJ, Chaudhury P, Dark J, Forsythe J, Freed DH, Gardiner D, Harvey D, Hornby L, MacLean J, Messer S, Oniscu GC, Simpson C, Teitelbaum J, Torrance S, Wilson LC, Watson CJE.Am J Transplant. 2020 Aug;20(8):2017-2025. doi: 10.1111/ajt.15775. Epub 2020 Jan 27.PMID: 31922653
  32. Burnout, compassion fatigue and work-related stressors among organ donation and transplantation coordinators: A qualitative study  VanessaSilva eSilva, LauraHornby, KenLotherington, AndreaRochon, AminaRegina, Hilary PearsonLinda MacNutt, Adrian Robertson, KimWerestiuk, DavidKuhl, PeggyJohn, Sonny Dhanani, AimeeSarti
  33. Patient engagement in a Canadian consensus forum for heart donation after circulatory determination of death. Healey A, van Beinum A, Hornby L, Wilson LC, Bédard S, Berrigan H, Brodrecht D, Gillrie C, Shing T, Towers J, Tilokee E, Shemie SD.Can J Anaesth. 2020 Oct 7. doi: 10.1007/s12630-020-01808-z. open access link
  34. Determination of Brain Death/Death by Neurologic CriteriaThe World Brain Death Project (August 2020) Greer, D; D. Shemie, S.; Lewis, A.; Torrance, S; et al open access link
    1. Click here to learn more about the implications of the World Brain Death Project on Canadian death determination practices
  35. The variable impact of the overdose crisis on organ donation among five Canadian provinces: a retrospective study. Keenan S, Kramer A, Healey A, Weiss MJ, Dhanani S, Beed S, Djogovic D, Sullivan K, Shemie SD.Can J Anaesth. 2021 Jun;68(6):846-854. doi: 10.1007/s12630-021-01945-z. Epub 2021 Feb 9.PMID: 33564994 
  36. Survey of Canadian critical care physicians' knowledge and attitudes towards legislative aspects of the deceased organ donation system. Weiss MJ, English SW, D'Aragon F, Lauzier F, Turgeon AF, Dhanani S, McIntyre L, Carvalho LP, Yu M, Shemie SD, Knoll G, Fergusson DA, Anthony SJ, Haj-Moustafa A, Hartell D, Mohr J, Chassé M; Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.Can J Anaesth. 2020 Oct;67(10):1349-1358. doi: 10.1007/s12630-020-01756-8. Epub 2020 Jul 21.PMID: 32696225 
  37. Attitudes of healthcare providers towards cardiac donation after circulatory determination of death: a Canadian nation-wide survey. Honarmand K, Parsons Leigh J, Basmaji J, Martin CM, Sibbald R, Nagpal D, Lau V, Priestap F, De S, Healey A, Dhanani S, Weiss MJ, Shemie S, Ball IM.Can J Anaesth. 2020 Mar;67(3):301-312. doi: 10.1007/s12630-019-01559-6. Epub 2020 Jan 2.PMID: 31898778 
  38. Maintaining the permanence principle for death during in situ normothermic regional perfusion for donation after circulatory death organ recovery: A United Kingdom and Canadian proposal (January 2020); Manara A, Shemie S, Large S, Healey A, Baker A, Badiwala M, Berman M, Butler A, Chaudhury P, Dark J, Forsythe J, Freed D, Gardiner D, Harvey D, Hornby L, MacLean J, Messer S, Oniscu G, Simpson C, Teitelbaum J, Torrance S, Wilson L, Watson C. open access link
  39. Survey of Canadian intensivists on physician non-referral and family override of deceased organ donation (November 2019); Weiss M, English S, D'Aragon F, Lauzier F, Turgeon A, Dhanani S, McIntyre L, Shemie S, Knoll G, Fergusson D, Anthony S, Haj-Moustafa A, Hartell D, Mohr J, Chassé M. open access link 
  40. Acceptability of cardiac donation after circulatory determination of death: a survey of the Canadian public. Honarmand K, Parsons Leigh J, Martin CM, Sibbald R, Nagpal D, Lau V, Priestap F, De S, Basmaji J, Healey A, Dhanani S, Weiss MJ, Shemie S, Ball IM.Can J Anaesth. 2020 Mar;67(3):292-300. doi: 10.1007/s12630-019-01560-z. Epub 2020 Jan 2.PMID: 31898773
  41. Ethical Challenges and the Donation Physician Specialist: A Scoping Review. MacDonald SI, Shemie SD. open access link
  42. A narrative review of family members' experience of organ donation request after brain death in the critical care setting.Kentish-Barnes N, Siminoff LA, Walker W, Urbanski M, Charpentier J, Thuong M, Sarti A, Shemie SD, Azoulay E.Intensive Care Med. 2019 Mar;45(3):331-342. doi: 10.1007/s00134-019-05575-4. Epub 2019 Mar 6.PMID: 30840119
  43. Barriers and opportunities related to extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Canada: A report from the first meeting of the Canadian ECPR Research Working Group (July 2018) open access link
  44. Ethics Guide Recommendations for Organ-Donation–Focused Physicians Endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association Shemie SD, Simpson C, Blackmer J,MacDonald S,Dhanani S,Torrance S,Byrne P, and on behalf of the Donation Physician Ethics Guide Meeting Participants. open access link
  45. Organ Donation after Medical Assistance in Dying - Canada's First Cases. Ball IM, Healey A, Keenan S, Priestap F, Basmaji J, Honarmand K, Parsons Leigh J, Shemie S, Chaudhury P, Singh JM, Zaltzman J, Beed S, Weiss M.N Engl J Med. 2020 Feb 6;382(6):576-577. doi: 10.1056/NEJMc1915485.PMID: 32023380
  46. Deceased organ and tissue donation after medical assistance in dying and other conscious and competent donors: guidance for policy. Downar J, Shemie SD, Gillrie C, Fortin MC, Appleby A, Buchman DZ, Shoesmith C, Goldberg A, Gruben V, Lalani J, Ysebaert D, Wilson L, Sharpe MD; for Canadian Blood Services, the Canadian Critical Care Society, the Canadian Society of Transplantation and the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses.CMAJ. 2019 Jun 3;191(22):E604-E613. doi: 10.1503/cmaj.181648.
  47. Measuring quality in living donation and kidney transplantation: moving beyond survival metrics. Knoll GA, Fortin MC, Gill J, Grimshaw JM, Hartell DP, Karnabi P, Parsons CD, Vorster H, Kim SJ.Kidney Int. 2020 Oct;98(4):860-869. doi: 10.1016/j.kint.2020.07.014. Epub 2020 Aug 10.PMID: 32791254
  48. Potential organ donor identification and system accountability: expert guidance from a Canadian consensus conference.Zavalkoff S, Shemie SD, Grimshaw JM, Chassé M, Squires JE, Linklater S, Appleby A, Hartell D, Lalani J, Lotherington K, Knoll G; Potential Organ Donation Identification and System Accountability (PODISA) Conference Participants (Appendix).Can J Anaesth. 2019 Apr;66(4):432-447. doi: 10.1007/s12630-018-1252-6. Epub 2018 Dec 18.PMID: 3056515
  49. Development of a national minimum data set to monitor deceased organ donation performance in Canada. Hornby K, Shemie SD, Appleby A, Dodd N, Gill J, Kim J, Kramer A, Kutsogiannis DJ, Lahaie N, MacLean J, Rehel L, Webster G, Wu J, Scales DC.Can J Anaesth. 2019 Apr;66(4):422-431. doi: 10.1007/s12630-018-01290-8. Epub 2019 Jan 28.PMID: 30689134
  50. Patient-centred and family-centred care of critically ill patients who are potential organ donors: a qualitative study protocol of family member perspectives. Zheng K, Sutherland S, Cardinal P, Meade M, Landriault A, Vanderspank-Wright B, Valiani S, Shemie S, Appleby A, Keenan S, Weiss M, Werestiuk K, Kramer AH, Kawchuk J, Beed S, Dhanani S, Pagliarello G, Chasse M, Lotherington K, Gatien M, Parsons K, Chandler J, Nickerson P, Kutsogiannis J, Sarti AJ.BMJ Open. 2020 Jun 15;10(6):e037527. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-037527.PMID: 32540892
  51. Development of a multinational registry of pediatric deceased organ donation activity. Weiss MJ, Domínguez-Gil B, Lahaie N, Nakagawa TA, Scales A, Hornby L, Green M, Gelbart B, Hawkins K, Dhanani S, Dipchand AI, Shemie SD; Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.Pediatr Transplant. 2019 May;23(3):e13345. doi: 10.1111/petr.13345. Epub 2019 Feb 5.PMID: 30724003
  52. GRADEing the un-GRADE-able: a description of challenges in applying GRADE methods to the ethical and implementation questions of pediatric organ donation guidelines. Weiss MJ, Hornby L, Shemie SD, Appleby A, Rochwerg B.J Clin Epidemiol. 2018 Nov;103:134-137. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2018.06.008. Epub 2018 Jun 30.PMID: 29966729


Summaries of leading practices and guidelines along with accompanying peer reviewed publications can be found on initiative description pages here.  


Archived reports 

PDF copies of past reports have been archived and are available by request. A complete list of archived reports is available here