Canadian Critical Care Forum (CCCF) – Deceased Donation Scientific Symposium 2017

The following videos were recorded in partnership with Trillium Gift of Life Network and the Canadian National Transplant Research Program at The Canadian Critical Care Forum between October 3 and October 4, 2017. 

Presentation: Deceased Donation Data in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy


Presentation: Bioethical Perspectives in DCD Heart Donation

Presenter: Dr. Bob Truog



Presentation: DCD Heart Donor Management and Transplantation -the Australian ExVivo Program

Presenter: Dr. Peter MacDonald


Presentation: Deceased Donation in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy




Presentation: Death of the Dead Donor Rule - Pro-Con Debate

Presenters: Dr. Robert Truog and Dr. Sam Shemie




Presentation: Canadian and Provincal Deceased Donation Update

Presenter: Dr. Damon Scales




Presentation: Donation Support Physcian On Call: What Would You Do?

Presenters: Dr. Sonny Dhanani, Dr. Andrew Healey, Dr. Mathew Weiss, Dr. Stephen Beed, Dr. Paul Murphy, Dr. Guiseppe (Joe) Pagliarello




Presentation: Donor Identification and Referral:  How Early Is Too Early?

Presenters: Dr. Andrew Healey and Dr. Andreas Kramer 




Presentation: Organ Donation Challenges in the UK

Presenter: Dr. Paul Murphy




Presentation: Donation in MAID

Presenter: Dr. Mike Sharpe




Presentation: Research Directions in DCD Heart

Presenter: Dr. Darren Freed