Eye and Tissue Minimal Data Set Working Group (ETDWG)

The Eye and Tissue Data Committee (ETDC) supports the collection, reporting and sharing of data by the Canadian eye and tissue banking community and provides insight into the supply of and the demand for allografts in Canada. 

Members Organization
Ms. Cynthia Johnston (Chair)

Regional Tissue Bank

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ms. Mijana Ridic

Eye Bank

Calgary, Alberta

Mr. George Wood

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority 

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ms. Christine Humphreys

Eye Bank of Canada

Toronto, Ontario
Mr. Vachan Misir

Trillium Gift of Life Network

Toronto, Ontario
Ms. Natalie Smigielski

Trillium Gift of Life Network

Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Gary Rockl

Spécialiste en Innovation des Tissus Humains

Québec, Québec 
Mr. Jim Mohr

Canadian Blood Services

Halifax, Nova Scotia