From SHARE to CARE - Enhancing the family experience in deceased organ donation

Building on shared experience to enhance care for the family members of deceased organ donors

Improving the organ donation system in Canada requires investment in programs and services to create high quality, patient and family-centered care. Providing support for the grieving family and loved ones is paramount for those about to be bereaved, regardless of whether organ donation occurs. 

This project is focused on development and implementation of recommendations resulting from the SHARE study

The SHARE study identified 3 main themes and 9 subthemes from which 20 suggestions for improving the organ donation process were developed.


The Project Team

Led by Dr. Aimee Sarti an intensivist based at The Ottawa Hospital. 





This work was financially supported by Canadian Blood Services. Canadian Blood Services receives funding from the provincial and territorial Ministries of Health and the federal government, through Health Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the federal, provincial or territorial governments or of WRHA.  Canadian Blood Services is not responsible for the management or funding of any Canadian organ donation organization or transplant program. 

Étude sur l’épuisement et la résilience chez les coordonnateurs de don d’organes et de tissus (étude BRiC)

End-of-life conversations with families of potential donors - Leading practices in offering the opportunity for donation