Potential organ donor identification and system accountability

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Meeting report and recommendations 

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  • Potential Organ Donor Identification and System Accountability (in english)
  • Atelier sur l’identification des donneurs potentiels d’organes et la responsabilisation du système (en français)

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This report provides an overview of the Potential Organ Donor Identification and System Accountability workshop and a summary of participant recommendations in response to prescribed questions. The workshop was based on the collaborative wisdom of a broad range of stakeholders, experts and key leaders representing Canadian Blood Services and the Canadian National Transplant Research Program (Refer to Appendix B: Workshop participants and affiliations). The Steering Committee would like to collectively thank Canadian Blood Services and the Canadian National Transplant Research Program for their support of this initiative, as well as all participants who helped in the creation of these recommendations. We would also like to acknowledge Ms. Debbie Neville and Mr. Emile Therien, our family representatives, who took the time to share compelling personal experiences which situated participants to the circumstances facing Canadians.



Note: This report and the published manuscript have been endorsed by the Canadian Critical Care Society

The SHARE Study - Canadian family members sharing their experiences with critical care and organ donation

Étude sur l’épuisement et la résilience chez les coordonnateurs de don d’organes et de tissus (étude BRiC)

Identification et aiguillage du donneur en tant qu’incident critique lié à la sécurité des patients menant à des préjudices évitables pour les candidats à une greffe