This page outlines terminology used across the professional education website, including in the Visual Inspection Tool, and within the context of Canadian Blood Services.  

Table 1. Terminology used for different blood component types in Canadian Blood Services' Circular of Information (COI) and in the Visual Inspection Tool (VIT).

COI terminology VIT terminology
Red blood cells
Red Blood Cells LR SAGM added 
  • RBC
  • Red blood cells 
  • RBCs prepared from whole blood 
Pathogen-reduced platelets 
Pooled Platelets Psoralen Treated 
  • PPPT
  • Pooled Platelet Psoralen-Treated
Apheresis Platelets Psoralen Treated 
  • APPT
  • Apheresis Platelet Psoralen-Treated
Non-pathogen reduced platelets 
Pooled Platelets LR CPD 
  • Untreated platelets manufactured from whole blood
  • Pooled platelets, not pathogen-reduced (untreated)
Apheresis Platelets
  • AP
  • Untreated apheresis platelet in plasma
Apheresis Platelets PAS Added 
  • Apheresis platelet unit in platelet additive solution (PAS)
  • Untreated apheresis platelet in PAS
  • Untreated apheresis platelets in PAS-E
Apheresis Frozen Plasma (ACD-A) 
  • Plasma manufactured using apheresis method 
  • Apheresis plasma
Frozen Plasma CPD
  • FP
  • Frozen plasma
  • Plasma manufactured from whole blood
Cryosupernatant Plasma CPD 
  • CSP
  • Cryosupernatant plasma
Cryoprecipitate CPD 
  • Cryoprecipitate