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July 13, 2023
Tracy Cameron

Tracy Cameron is the North and East Ontario regional manager for the Ontario Regional Blood Coordinating Network (ORBCoN). ORBCoN was launched in 2006 with funding by the Ontario Ministry of Health to

June 29, 2023
Abby Wolfe

This post compiles responses from Canadian Blood Services research trainees Melika Loriamini, Mahsa Yazdanbakhsh, Tseday Tegegn, and Emel Islamzada, along with those of Dr. Sheharyar Raza and Dr

June 23, 2023
Abby Wolfe

In a recent presentation titled “Delivering blood transfusions with pit-stop precision”, Dr. Jeannie Callum emphasizes the innovation and engineering involved in ensuring bleeding patients get the

May 18, 2023
Abby Wolfe

The Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM) annual conference, held in partnership with Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec, is just around the corner! The conference will be held May 25

April 25, 2023
Amanda Nowry

Pathogen-reduced platelets are one of the newest blood components manufactured by Canadian Blood Services. Pathogen-reduced platelets, also known as pooled platelets psoralen-treated or “PPPT”, were

April 20, 2023
Dr. Peter Bell

Our partnership with the Centre for Blood Research (CBR) at the University of British Columbia is helping to train the next generation of researchers in transfusion science. This blog post highlights

April 11, 2023
Ross FitzGerald

When an organ donation opportunity from a patient and their family is missed, there are life-threatening consequences for people waiting for a transplant. In 2018 alone, 223 Canadians died waiting for

March 28, 2023
Aldis Brennan

Dr. Donald Branch, Canadian Blood Services senior scientist, has received four awards from the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies (AABB) but his most recent honour as a recipient

March 21, 2023
Elyn Rowe

Elyn Rowe, a PhD student with Dr. Dana Devine at CBR was awarded first prize in Canadian Blood Services’ Research 180 Video Competition for creating an original video that showcases her research