University of Toronto Transfusion Medicine Rounds

The STRATUS trial: Combating ICU vampirism one tube at a time, and the MINT trial: Primary results


Event details

Presented by

Dr. Deborah Siegal

Dr. Jeffrey Carson

Learning objectives

Learning objectives for the STRATUS trial presentation:

  1. Describe the burden of anemia in hospitalized patients. 
  2. Discuss laboratory testing as a modifiable cause of blood loss and anemia.
  3. Discuss the effect of switching to tubes that collect less blood for lab testing on RBC transfusion in ICU.

Learning objectives for the MINT trial presentation: 

  1. To articulate the clinical trial evidence and latest guidelines on transfusion threshold in patients with and without cardiovascular disease. 
  2. To articulate the results of the MINT trial. 
  3. To articulate how to approach the interpretation of trials that have borderline statistically significant findings. 


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