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Seminar series: Bioengineering approaches to improve blood transfusion, combat antibiotic resistance and treat inflammatory conditions


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This lecture is part of the CBR seminar series.

The Kizhakkedathu lab specializes in the synthesis and utilization of macromolecules with the aim of enhancing biomedical products. Our research primarily revolves around functional polymers and their applications across various biotechnological applications. In this presentation, we provide a glimpse into three projects in our lab: 


  1. The development of novel infection resistant platelet storage devices utilizing functional polymer as coatings.
  2. The development of macrochelators as adjuvant or alternative therapies for combating antibiotic resistant biofilms.
  3. Development of injectable polymer-based therapeutics to target and rebuild impaired vascular glycocalyx, thereby offering potential treatments for vascular disorders associated with inflammation.

Presented by

Helen Chen, Arshdeep Gil and Dr. Anna Herrmann from the lab of Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Immunomodulation Materials and Immunotherapy, Associate Member, Chemistry and the School of Biomedical Engineering & Centre for Blood Research member


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