ISBT Corporate Partner Webinar

New approaches to increase efficiencies in blood banking


Event details

This ISBT corporate partner webinar is presented in collaboration with Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies and is intended for blood bankers, transfusion practitioners, processing technicians, and students. 

Presented by

Dr. Ana Isabel Pérez Aliaga
Head of the laboratory of production and distribution of blood components, Blood Bank and Tissues of Aragón, Spain

Learning objectives

After the COVID pandemic, blood centers are having difficulties to reach similar levels of whole blood donors enrollment as before the pandemic. Blood centers need to find strategies to maximize their whole blood donation, such as:

  • The use of automation.
  • The development of an optimization algorithm that provides on a daily basis routine the optimal number of whole blood units needed for the production of platelet concentrates with the objective of maintaining an adequate stock, decreasing expiry rates or disruption of stock and at the same time increasing the volume of plasma collected that can be used for fractionation.
  • The use of Pathogen Reduction Technology.
  • Freezing platelets as an alternative supply.


This is an open access webinar. For additional event details and to register, visit the ISBT website: ISBT Corporate Partner Webinar: New approaches to increase efficiencies in blood banking | The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) (