General information

Transfusion Camp aims to increase knowledge of transfusion medicine and best practices by providing high quality training to post graduate medical trainees in various specialties related to transfusion, across Canada and internationally.

How is Transfusion Camp delivered?

  • Curriculum is developed by a Planning Committee led by University of Toronto Transfusion experts.
  • Content is delivered over 4 days (typically from September to March).
  • Each day includes lectures and team-based learning seminars.
  • Lecturers are faculties from across Canada.
  • Seminars' facilitators are faculties local to the participating medical schools.
  • Depending on participating site preferences, lectures and seminars can be delivered in person or online.

When and where do trainees attend Transfusion Camp?

  • Transfusion Camp coordinators and faculties at participating medical schools determine how trainees from their site attend Transfusion Camp.
    • Trainees may attend lectures in groups either "live" (in Toronto) or "live" remotely (via webcast) or "post-live" (recorded lectures).
    • Trainees may attend team-based learning seminars in small groups in person at their local sites or online.
  • Transfusion Camp coordinators communicate to registered trainees prior to each day to confirm date, time and location.
  • The downloadable 2022-2023 schedule and location document contains information on how the Camp will be delivered at each participating site. 
  • Consult with your local program coordinator for assistance.

How can trainees get the most out of Transfusion Camp?

  • Complete pre and post Transfusion Camp tests
  • Read the pre-reading publications before each day.
  • Attend all sessions.
  • Actively participate during lectures and seminars. A guide for participating in the seminars is provided below.
  • Refrain from excessive use of interruption devices (mobile phones).
  • Arrange not to be on call the night before.
  • Complete evaluations.
  • Come back to the course portal to review materials, including the recorded lectures. 
May 3, 2021

 How do trainees provide feedback about Transfusion Camp?

  • For feedback related to Transfusion Camp, please complete the electronic surveys that are emailed to all trainees after each day.
  • For feedback related to this course portal, please contact

Transfusion Camp publications

  • Peer-reviewed publication.
January 10, 2020
  • Annual Reports. 
March 2, 2020



November 10, 2021


January 3, 2023

What topics are covered by Transfusion Camp?

The topics covered for 2022-2023 Transfusion Camp are detailed below and in the downloadable Program Brochure.

Day 1: Blood component & product indications

Pre-course exam (delivered electronically)
Red Cell Transfusion (Dr. Jeannie Callum) 
Platelet Transfusion (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)
Basic Blood Bank Testing (Dr. Yulia Lin)
Seminar 1A: RBC & Platelet Transfusion Cases (Dr. Shuoyan Ning)
Albumin (Dr. Justyna Bartoszko)
Plasma, PCC & Fibrinogen replacement (Dr. Aditi Khandelwal)
Seminar 1B: Plasma, PCC & Fibrinogen Cases (Dr. Aditi Khandelwal) 

Day 2: Transfusion reactions & sickle cell disease

Canadian Blood Services/Héma-Québec Virtual Tour (Dr. Zeller/Dr. Latour)
Acute Non-Infectious Reactions (Dr. Cserti-Gazdewich)
Informed Consent (Dr. Marissa Laureanoi)
Seminar 2A: Transfusion Reactions (Dr. Cserti-Gazdewich)
Sickle Cell Disease - Perioperative and Acute Transfusion (Dr. Jacob Pendergrast)
Seminar 2B: SCD & Transfusion (Dr. Jacob Pendergrast)

Day 3: Perioperative & bleeding management

Pre-operative Patient Blood Management (Dr. Yulia Lin)
Intra-op Patient Blood Management: Tranexamic Acid; Salvage and Triggers (Dr. Keyvan Karkouti)
Seminar 3A: Patient Blood Management (Dr. Yulia Lin)
Congenital Coag - Bleeding History, VWD, Hemophilia (Dr. Natasha Rupani)
Reversal of Antiplatelets & Direct Anticoagulants (Dr. Carolyne Elbaz)
Seminar 3B: Advanced Hemostasis Testing & Management (Dr. Eric Tseng)

Day 4: Massive hemorrhage protocols & review

Massive Hemorrhage: Pathophysiology & Evidence Based Management (Dr. Jeannie Callum)
Massive Hemorrhage Protocols: Real World Application (Dr. Katerina Pavenski)
Seminar 4: Massive, Disaster Bleeding Cases (Dr. Jeannie Callum)
New updates in Transfusion (Dr. Aditi Khandelwal)
Ask the Experts: Q&A (Panel)
Post-course Exam (delivered electronically)

September 8, 2022