Organ Donation and Transplantation in Canada - System Progress Report 


ECPR for OHCA in Canada:  Planning the Research (April 2017) PDF

Development of a national minimum data set to monitor deceased organ donation performance in Canada (June 2016) PDF

Hornby K, Shemie SD, Appleby A, Dodd N, Gill J, Kim J, Kramer A, Kutsogiannis DJ, Lahaie N, MacLean J, Rehel L, Webster G, Wu J, Scales DC

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Opportunities and Barriers for ECPR in Canada (May 2016) PDF

Ethics Guide for Donation Physicians (November 2015) PDF

Ethical Challenges and the Donation Physician Specialist: A Scoping Review

MacDonald SI, Shemie SD

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Ethics Guide Recommendations for Organ-Donation–Focused Physicians Endorsed by the Canadian Medical Association

Shemie SD, Simpson C, Blackmer J,MacDonald S,Dhanani S,Torrance S,Byrne P, and on behalf of the Donation Physician Ethics Guide Meeting Participants

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Environmental Scan of Professional Education for Donation (March 2017)

Report on the consultation: “Donation Physicians in a Coordinated OTDT System. February 2011” (February 2011)

Report on the ethics consultation (January 2011)